Upgrade your property and your comfort

Comfort Air Solutions believes that one size rarely fits all, especially when it comes to creating a comfortable interior.

With this in mind, we offer bespoke AC installations in Kent and the surrounding area for both residential and commercial properties that cater to the unique needs of the client and the particular nature of their property. Our team's 10+ combined years of experience in providing and installing air conditioning in Kent has honed this process into an exact science, whether you're looking to cool a family home, an office space or a retail store.

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You can contact us with our enquiry form, or at 07391 725015.

engineer installing air conditioning unit in home



domestic twin split air conditioning units installed on outside wall of home

Why should you choose Comfort Air Solutions for AC installations in Kent and the Southeast?

  • Each air conditioning system we install is designed and customised to your specific needs for optimal comfort or intense cooling, depending on your requirements.
  • A property installed air conditioning system is a proven and reliable method of adding value to a property.
  • Our approach puts you first, ensuring a flawless installation that meets the highest industry standards for safety and efficiency while considering factors like ductwork placement and electrical connections.
  • All our installations are covered by our 5-year warranty.